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Scheduled volumes

Persons connected with the Zielona Góra scientific center and interested in preparing a volume of Rocznik Lubuski are supposed to notify in writing (via email or traditional post) the secretary editor about their willingness to take up scientific edition of a volume. The application should determine the subject and justify it. The application should be submitted in writing (on paper or online) to the secretary editor before March 31st of the year prior to edition.

The Editorial Board makes decision on entrusting the functions of scientific editors of two issues of Rocznik Lubuski to selected applicants by April 15th. All applicants are informed about the decision.
The editors of each issue make selection from the texts received, pass each of them to the two independent (external) reviewers and, having received positive reviews, prepare a volume for printing.

Volume 46, Issue 1: Edukacja jako przestrzeń zmian, ed. Jarosław Bąbka, Krzysztof Zajdel
Volume 46, Issue 2: Zmiana społeczna i jej implikacje, ed. Ewa Narkiewicz-Niedbalec, Beata Maria Nowak, Emilia Paprzycka