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Lubuski Yearbook is a social profile periodical of the Lubuskie Scientific Society and the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Sociology of University of Zielona Góra, conveying publications in the areas of sociology, education and political science, as well as the humanities, with the main focus on history. In the 2015 evaluation list of periodicals announced by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education the periodical was granted 11 points. The journal’s primary version is print, accompanied by the electronic one available on the Lubuskie Scientific Society website. Yearly, one issue of Lubuski Yearbook is published, comprising two volumes under distinct titles, which constitute separate parts, each being prepared by different thematic (scientific) editors. The disciplinary profile of each volume, as well as its content matter, is supervised by a scientific editor chosen by the editorial board from among social researchers of the Lubuskie academic community. The editors of the volumes make a selection of proposals received by the editorial office, pass each of the chosen texts on to two independent (external) reviewers, and, having received positive evaluation, prepare the volumes for publication. Lubuski Yearbook constitutes a forum for a scholar discussion, open for experienced researchers holding a stable academic position as well as scientific newcomers. The works published in the journal cover variety of topics, and have both environmental and territorial contexts as well as diversified forms of discourse – from theoretical dissertations to reports on empirical research. The aim of the editors is maintaining a possibly monographic character of each volume.

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education a publication in Rocznik Lubuski in 2017-2018 grants – 11 points, in 2019 – 40 points.
Ranking in previous years: Polish Scientific Bibliography 

The initial version of the periodical is a paper one
ISSN 0485-3083

The Central European Journal Of Social Sciences And Humanities, CEJSH
The European Reference Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences ERIH PLUS 

Publication of articles, reviews and other texts in the Lubuskie Yearbook is in accordance with the terms of the licence CC BY 3.0 PL

The Lubuski Yearbook adheres to ethical standards at all stages of the editorial process developed by the Publication Ethics Committee (COPE). The review procedure complies with the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education “Good practices in reviewing procedures in science” (2011) (Download PDF).

Ewa Narkiewicz-Niedbalec
Bogdan Idzikowski
Kazimierz Bartkiewicz
Edward Hajduk
Hieronim Szczegóła
Jan Wąsicki
Wiesław Sauter