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For Editors


1. Preparing an outline of a volume. The outline containing a title, content, and justification of the proposed subject should be submitted in paper of electronic form to the secretary editor before March 31st of a year prior to publishing. The decision on entrusting the function of the theme editor of a volume is made by Editiors before April 15tH. The same person cannot be appointed a thematic editor no sooner than before two years have elapsed. Accepting the role of a volume editor means obligation to fulfill duties specified in “Tasks of Volume Editor” provided by the secretary editor.

2. Submission, by the end of September of a year prior to publication, a detailed characteristic, in an electronic form, of the edited volume, together with a list of authors and titles of articles written by them. Not more than a half of authors can represent Zielona Góra research community.

3. Getting two independent reviews for each article, in accordance with Rocznik Lubuski reviewing procedure. The reviews should comply with review form. Initial selection of articles is done by a volume editor together with Editors.

4. Collecting authors` statements on texts authenticity, authors participation in texts preparation and consent with processing personal data (Statement form).

5. Submission, by June 30th, articles, reviews (in electronic form) and authors’ statements (in electronic or paper version) to the secretary editor.

6. Preparing information on articles conveyed to bases in which the journal is indexed.


1. A volume should consist of 12-14 texts together with their abstracts in Polish and key words. Texts and abstracts should be prepared according to the rules specified in Information for Authors. The preferred capacity of articles is 10-12 pages (bibliography included) formatted in accordance with the current guidelines for Rocznik Lubuski (Download PDF).

2. Whole volume should not exceed 230 pages

3. Research content is the responsibility of a volume scientific editor.

Review form PL (Download DOCX)
Review form PL (Download PDF)
Review form ENG (Download DOCX)
Review form ENG (Download PDF)

Statement for one author PL (Download DOCX)
Statement for one author PL (Download PDF)
Statement for the author of joined authorship PL (Download DOCX)
Statement for the author of joined authorship PL (Download PDF)

Statement for one author ENG (Download DOCX)
Statement for one author ENG (Download PDF)
Statement for the author of joined authorship ENG (Download DOCX)
Statement for the author of joined authorship ENG (Download PDF)